Free Coaching Offer

New session offers FREE coaching….!

In order to promote badminton in Kingswinford the West Midlands Performance Centre are offering 4 weeks FREE. The sessions are at the Crestwood school off Bromley Lane, Kingswinford.Free sessions

These sessions enable boys and girls of all levels and various ages, to experience badminton and try it for 4 weeks free of charge. Places are limited up to Christmas. These FREE sesion will work on a first come first served basis. Are you interested? Is your child interested?

More details regarding the session can be found on the WMPC website HERE.

Voucher for the FREE sessions are available at from Stephanie Cartwright-Randle.
Contact her on  07976 814036 or

After the free sessions places at the Pre-Raw and Raw sessions are accepted on an application basis.

Inter PC (Performance Centre) Tournament Manchester

Are we up for the challenge?

WMPC first experience of the Inter PC Tournament. Run by Steve White of the Manchester PC. Predominately Northern PC entries. So the new kids on the block WMPC enter for the first time. Saturday began with the RAW group entries, we had one team in the Raw League (stronger players). The team could have been made up of five players (either male or female), so Joe Kamara, Rohit Kale, Nurali Rajbhai and Ibraheem Malik four lads, 13 years or younger were representing West Midlands PC. None of the had ever played together before. So this was a first and the other competitors would be the best from other PC’s (cream de la cream).


PC RAW – Rohit, Joe and Nurali

The four lads held their own, although nerves, age, lack of experience all rearing their heads as they participating in the first couple of matches.
With a single group one 9 teams, each match consisted of 5 games to 15 a full schedule lay ahead, for the novice team.

The first two games were narrowly lost 2-3. After playing three games without a victory, heads in the WMPC camp were drooping a little. As they started back after a short break, a little food and some well deserved water they went out with revived energy to win the next two matches 3-2. Matches 6 and 7 proved a little more difficult and we lost with our heaviest defeat, but close game to 12 and 13 against the strongest opposition heads can be held high. Last match of the Inter PC RAW group, going into the last game with 2 games all (scores 12 or 13s both ways), our closes match yet. All on the last game no pressure but, the early morning start, 7 matches and 14 games showed although a good battle was had, we took another defeat.

A very long, hot, tiring day was had by all. Parents now faced a long drive home (minimum of two hours). But with two wins and three close games the four PC lads can hold their heads high after an tough debut outing together.

Thanks go to the moms and dads for their support and making the long journey.


Boot Camp or Badminton Camp? ………. Are you brave enough to find out?

Summer Badminton Camp – Are you up for it?

Summer camp

West Midlands Performance Centre is running a Summer Badminton Camp for for weeks during August. As you know the badminton season runs September to April with a long break over the Summer. After the success of last years summer camp the PC are running another one.

This years camp is bigger and better. Guest coach Steve Butler (Ex-International player – Warwickshire coach) will taking sessions, along with Lorraine Cole, James Lauder and Stephanie Cartwright-Randle.

The camp is devised to build up the level of fitness starting with week 1 and tapering down the physical element as we approach week 4 which is the build up to the start of the season.
Though the groups players will develop their movement, technique, skills, fitness, strength, efficiency, power and tactics for both singles and doubles over the 4 week program. The program icludes sessions in the dance studio to develop movement skills to music ( fun session but also very physical). Skills will be practiced some will be incorporated into routines, along with match play developing tactics.

The WMPC summer camp aims to provide value training for a full month to prepare the players for the season ahead. MORE details and booking forms HERE.


Charity badminton fundraiser

Junior 24 hour badminton …….Charity fundraiser for the Philippines

Friday 3 January 14.00 saw over 30 children embark on a 24 hour session of badminton. The children all members of either the West Midlands Performance Centre (WMPC) and/or Warwickshire Schools Badminton Association (WSBA) in Birmingham.

CharityLike most events the idea started as a bit of banter which within minutes became a firm idea. The main focus was to raise money by playing badminton continuously on one court for 24 hours and donate funds raised to a charity. Stephanie Cartwright-Randle (coach) and Hassan Rajbhai (parent) set about making a list of essential tasks to be completed if the event was to go ahead. Finding a venue that was willing to open all night was going to be a challenge, but as Steph runs badminton sessions  she started by asking Synergy at the Calthorpe School, Highgate. Andrew Holden (manager), when asked was more than helpful and agreed to allow the use of the sports hall and leisure facilities FOC and stated that ‘I would feel honoured to be of assistance’.  Hassan focused on a charity and contacted John Todd at Mercy in Action who came along to start play on the day. Mercy in Action in conjunction with Who is Hussain is the charity that will benefit from the money raised. John gave a brief description of how he started the charity with his wife and explained how ‘People in the central region of the Philippines have been hit by a devastating storm that has left disaster and chaos in its wake.’ After thanking those present at the start he informed them that ‘Money raised by the children taking part in this Badminton Marathon will go towards helping those living in the Philippines affected by the storm’.

The venue (Synergy) boasts two courts and the intention was to keep one court continuously populated with juniors playing badminton, whilst the other court was open for challenges and general games. Parents, friends and colleagues from a variety of local badminton groups and clubs queued up throughout the 24 hours to play some of the older (15-17) juniors. Which proved very entertaining for the spectators.
The youngest player, Rohan Motwani (7) played his last game just before midnight (his mom waited patiently whilst resting her eyes) and was keen to return early Saturday. His brother Raghav played until almost 2.00 in the morning and returned just after 9. Family members Victoria (10), sister Selina (12) and dad Victor all participated in games on the main court throughout the 24 hours.
Charity Fundraiserraised money through sponsorship and one young player Nurali Rajbhai (12), who was so moved by the TV footage of the floors, set about raising money. He was so motivated and enthusiastic about the events that he raised over £400.00. Well done Nurali!
Total monies raised (to date) is £1400.00 with sponsorship still coming in.
There are many adults and parents that supported this events from its conception back in early December 2013 to its happening on 3rd/4th January. So thanks go to Hassan Rajbhai, Andy Holden, Derek Bevan, Rizvan Sidicot, Shabir Jivraj, Hafiz Meghjee, Victor Liang, all of the Junior players from WMPC and WSBA and parents.
Feedback from all concerned was very encouraging so similar events are already being discussed.


School Badminton Tournament

Unipart/Forza School Badminton Tournament

Forza logo

Unipart and FZ Forza have teamed together again this year, to sponsor another local School Badminton Tournament here in Birmingham.  W.M.P.C. (West Midlands Performance Centre) are hosting the School Badminton Tournament for the second year. The event is for school children who like playing badminton. Who have little experience apart from at school and in the back garden. It is an opportunity for children to taste competitive badminton and possibly open the doors to junior county badminton.  The event will be attended by coaches from local counties and performance centre to identify potential talented players.

The winners of each age group will qualify for the NATIONAL school badminton tournament Finals to be held in June 2013.

FOR full details click HERE.

New Satellite Junior club for West Midlands Performance Centre – WMPC Longbridge

West Midlands Performance Centre are pleased to confirm XDC Badminton Club as their latest Satellite club – WMPC Longbridge. XDC have started a Junior club and are looking for Young players. During September starting on the 2nd, XDC are offering a FREE trial to children who are interested in joining the club. The club is from 16.30 till 17.30 on Sunday afternoons. The coaching sessions will be run by Stephanie Cartwright-Randle one of the WMPC coaches.

If you are interested then contact either Norma (XDC) or Stephanie ( – 07976 814036

More sport in schools! – Will badminton be one of the?

The Government have announced that there should be more sport in schools. Will the schools follow this up and look at badminton as being one of these sports?

The West Midlands Performance Centre are promoting badminton and looking for schools to deliver one of their ‘school packages’ to pupils in Birmingham and surrounding areas. Details of these packages can be found HERE. If you as a school teacher and interested then contact Stephanie (Development Office for the PC) by email or call 07976 814036

Mom talks about badminton success for her son

New badminton player Joe Kamara joined the West Midlands Performance Centre recently. His mom tells us about his success so far. Click HERE.

Teachers – Can you answer this question?

Do you have the next English Badminton Champions in your classroom? Could one of the pupils in your calss be the next Nathan Robertson or Gail Emms? Then please encourage them to compete in the Unipart Schools Tournament that the West Midlands Performance Centre is hosting at the NIA, Birmingham, on Sunday 20 May all day in the Community Halls. The competition is about children trying badminton as a new sport, a sport they play in the garden or play during lessons at school and taking it further. For more information and entry forms click HERE.

Unipart and FZ Forza together sponsor Schools Tournament in Birmingham

Together Unipart and Forza sponsor a series of schools tournament on on Sunday 20 May 2012 here in Birmingham it comes tot he NIA.

The tournaments are aimed at players with little experience of playing the game of badminton and have yet to represent their county.

The tournaments offers the opportunity of competitive play without the worry of meeting county level players. For details click HERE. For an entry form click HERE.