Performance Centre PODs.

Players who are not only talented but have the right/correct attitude deserve the opportunity to have more of the right training. Players from the Performance Centre have the opportunity to additional training at bi-weekly PODs.
A select number of players are invited to attend a POD every other week. Providing they turn up and train hard they will be a regular POD member.
Lorraine or one of the PC coaches leads the bi-weekly session, which are held on Friday evenings at the Sports & Fitness Centre, University of Birmingham.
The PODS consist of identified players who are committed to the PC Program, play regular Badminton England tournaments, and are doing everything they can to improve their level. Some are striving to become England International level.
POD players have shown good progress during the time they have spent with us and we would like to reward them by giving them some extra sessions in small groups by our PC coaching team.
The extra sessions will run once every other week, for two hours and will be geared up to develop more individual needs.
There will be a small cost per session for each player. This is heavily subsided by the West Midlands Performance Centre to make sure the players get something back from the PC.
Player Expectation
– Attendance at all PC/County to be good.
– Attendance at the POD sessions is vital
– Good Attitude and work ethic during training.
– Ability to take on board buy in to and develop new techniques
– Feedback how they have played at tournaments
– Follow a Strength and Conditioning program
– Attend regular workshops that will be put in place.
– Workshops will include
        Strength and Conditioning – Nutrition – Sports psychology
POD players must show willing to implement knowledge gained from these workshops .