U15 Bronze Leicestershire – Sana Sibal

Sana Sibal – U15 Bronze Leicestershire – Saturday 10 November 2018

U15 Bronze LeicestershireSana Sibal won a Gold medal in the U15 Bronze Leicestershire and also a Bronze in the doubles. Here is her take on the event.

I played in the U15 Bronze Leicestershire badminton tournament on the 10th of November. I won my group after playing 3 matches and proceeded on to the semi-finals where I won 22-20 in a close but exiciting match. In the finals, I ended up winning 21-18 in a tight match the whole way through. I got a Gold medal for singles and a bronze medal for doubles. Thanks to all my coaches for their support.

Photo showing Sana proudly sporting her GOLD medal  for the single and of course wearing her WMPC ForzaWM shirt.