Lorraine Cole

Sport : Badminton

Birthplace: Birmingham

School & University attended: Kings Norton Mixed School

Sport played: Athletics and Badminton

Sporting History and Achievements: English Schools U17 National Javelin Champion.  England Javelin junior International. Worcestershire County Badminton Champion, England Badminton International Highest National Ranking 1 in mixed and 3 in ladies doubles. Highest European Ranking 1 in ladies and 1 mixed doubles.Highest World ranking 10 ladies doubles and 12 mixed doubles. International Badminton Tournament wins Irish open mixed twice Mauritius Open ladies and mixed Czech Open ladies and mixed Slovak Open ladies and mixed Icelandic Open ladies

Coaching History and Achievements (including greatest coaching achievement: Worcestershire County coach England U19 National Coach HPC Coach Loughborough and now University of Birmingham GB Youth Olympic Coach Sydney European Junior Champions Coach 2006. (England not winning for 23 years) Coach to World Junior Silver Medalist 2007 Danish Cup Gold medal winners Six Nations Gold medal winners

Most memorable occasion in sport: Watching Sydney Olympics Badminton Semi Finals onwards and seeing Simon Archer win his bronze medal.  Watching Jill Pittard who trains at Birmingham University win her first ladies singles national title.

Likes: Happy people

Dislikes: Unfriendly people

Hobbies & interests: skiing, walking, cycling, golf, gardening and the outdoors

Person who most influenced your career and why: John Patterson my maths teacher
and athletics/badminton coach. Kept pushing and motivating me when I was struggling.
My Husband who supported and encouraged me to play full time badminton.

Favourite ground or stadium: Birmingham NIA All England Championships

Last book read: Outliers – Malcome Gladwell

Favourite movie: Gladiator

Favourite music: Madonna