Performance Centre Shirts

Performance Centre Shirts are part of the membership.

Players attending the West Midlands Performance Centre have shirts as part of their kit. They are entitled to ONE shirt a year. In the second year they receive a hoodie. Players are asked to wear the shirts when attending training sessions to help promote team spirit. Additional shirts can be purchased if wanted.

ForzaWM Gone


ForzaWM Glen


Girls shirts Gone
Boys shirts Glen



ForzaWM Lacey


ForzaWM Laban


Girls jacket/hoodie Lacey
Boys jacket/hoodie Laban

(Changing soon to Red)


ForzaWM have a sizing chart (found HERE) to help choice the right size for you or your child.

Once you have sorted out the correct size that is required, then contact Val Ball (mom of Joe Ball Emerging Group). Val will need to know the players name, which group/session(s) they attend and on what day. More importantly which item they require shirt or hoodie, which version (Junior/Male/Female) and what size they want.
Pop the details in an email to Val at or call her with any questions on  07491 960219

Other badminton clothing or accessories can be found on the ForzaWM website.
WMPC players get a 15% discount on any items purchased online. A discount code is available from Stephanie Cartwright-Randle.