Badminton players book your summer Camp?

Summer camp details are now released so players book your place quick!

Long awaited dates for the West Midlands Performance Centre summer camp are HERE.

The WMPC summer 2015 camp aims to provide value training for a full month to prepare  players for the season ahead. Details HERE.

The camp will provide players with quality training and knowledge for the player’s relevant level and above. It is also devised to build up levels of the players fitness. Sessions not only develop their fitness but also their strength, efficiency and power.

Players will cultivate their movement around court, refine their shot techniques and learn and increase their tactical knowledge of singles and doubles.
Some sessions will be in the dance studio to develop their flow of movement to music. These are fun sessions but, also very physical. Skills are practised and incorporated into routines. Obviously players will participate in some match play to re-enforce any new tactics.

Finally player have lots of fun.

For badminton players who complete their bookings (including payments) qualify for a FREE Forza shirt. So book your place by email, pay by BACS and secure both your place and your Forza shirt. Booking forms HERE.

Under 15 Bronze Tournament – URGENT REMINDER

Don’ forget the WMPC (West Midlands Performance Centre) hosts the Under 15 Bronze Tournament on 12 January 2013. It is at The Doug Ellis Sports College, Birmingham City University (Full details HERE).
URGENT – DEADLINE is 22 December 2012.
Your entry needs to be with Irene Williams (details HERE), before the deadline.
The draw will appear online approximately 48 hours prior to the tournament.

Under 15 Bronze – Entry DEADLINE

West Midlands Performance Centre are hosting an Under 15 Bronze Tournament on 12 January 2013 at The Doug Ellis SC, Birmingham City University (Full details HERE). Please note the DEADLINE is 22 December 2012. Make sure you get your entries in to Irene Williams (details HERE), before the deadline. The draw will appear online approximately 48 hours prior to the tournament.

Amended Calendar dates for the PC

Dame Elizabeth School has cancelled one of the clubs training nights due to an annual event. All Developing and Emerging group attendees please check out the new amended calendar. NEW Calendar dates HERE.

WMPC apologise for any inconvenience.

Click HERE for Action?

Yet again Alan Spink the fast fingered photographer has done it again! With a bank of sharp, crystal clear, action photographs Alan Spink a close friend and colleague of West Midlands Performance Centre, has splupplied yet another set of photographs for the Centre’s website. Let me know what you think of them as they are used in the heading on each page. If you want to find out more about Alan click HERE.

Thank you again Alan for supplying some great photographs.

Mom talks about badminton success for her son

New badminton player Joe Kamara joined the West Midlands Performance Centre recently. His mom tells us about his success so far. Click HERE.

Teachers – Can you answer this question?

Do you have the next English Badminton Champions in your classroom? Could one of the pupils in your calss be the next Nathan Robertson or Gail Emms? Then please encourage them to compete in the Unipart Schools Tournament that the West Midlands Performance Centre is hosting at the NIA, Birmingham, on Sunday 20 May all day in the Community Halls. The competition is about children trying badminton as a new sport, a sport they play in the garden or play during lessons at school and taking it further. For more information and entry forms click HERE.

Unipart and FZ Forza together sponsor Schools Tournament in Birmingham

Together Unipart and Forza sponsor a series of schools tournament on on Sunday 20 May 2012 here in Birmingham it comes tot he NIA.

The tournaments are aimed at players with little experience of playing the game of badminton and have yet to represent their county.

The tournaments offers the opportunity of competitive play without the worry of meeting county level players. For details click HERE. For an entry form click HERE.