Toby Beckett – Medals weekend

Medals weekend for young WMPC player Toby Beckett.

Young Toby Beckett had a fabulous medals weekend after participating in two different Under 15 tournaments at the weekend.

Saturday 3.3.2018 – u15 Bronze.
MENS SINGLES – His family ploughed through the snow to the Warwickshire Under 15 Bronze tournament. After getting out of his box and winning in the first round of the knock-out he was through to the semis. He faced his doubles partner Harry Jones. Toby pushed hard winning. Toby lost in the final giving him his first ‘medals weekend’ treasure in the form of a Silver medal.
MENS DOUBLES – Toby played with Harry, to go successfully through two knock-out rounds and saw them in the final. Tough final, but Toby and Harry took the game, giving Toby his second ‘medals weekend’ treasure a Gold medal.

Sunday 4.3.2018 – U15 Bronze Hertfordshire.
MENS SINGLES – Straight through the box, narrowly missing playing his doubles partner. Three knock out rounds to see him through to the final. Winning 21-16, giving Toby this third ‘medals weekend’ trophy with a Gold.
MENS DOUBLES – Toby and Harry got out of their box, only to meet the number one seeds and unfortunately they proved a little to strong for Toby and Harry.

Under 15 Bronze Tournament – UPDATE

UpdatedThe Under 15 Bronze Tournament details have been updated to contain the Acceptance Lists for both the BOYS and the GIRLS. The Under 15 Bronze Tournament is this Saturday 12 January and is hosted by the West Midlands Performance Centre. Held at the Doug Ellis Sports Centre, Birmingham City University, B42 2SY. Directions HERE.  Good luck to all those that have entered. Keep an eye out for the Under 15 Bronze Tournament draw details later this week.

Under 15 Bronze Tournament – URGENT REMINDER

Don’ forget the WMPC (West Midlands Performance Centre) hosts the Under 15 Bronze Tournament on 12 January 2013. It is at The Doug Ellis Sports College, Birmingham City University (Full details HERE).
URGENT – DEADLINE is 22 December 2012.
Your entry needs to be with Irene Williams (details HERE), before the deadline.
The draw will appear online approximately 48 hours prior to the tournament.

Under 15 Bronze – Entry DEADLINE

West Midlands Performance Centre are hosting an Under 15 Bronze Tournament on 12 January 2013 at The Doug Ellis SC, Birmingham City University (Full details HERE). Please note the DEADLINE is 22 December 2012. Make sure you get your entries in to Irene Williams (details HERE), before the deadline. The draw will appear online approximately 48 hours prior to the tournament.