WMPC Times Issue 2 – February 2018

READ ALL ABOUT IT – WMPC Times Issue 2 – February 2018

Times Issue 2

Times Issue 2

Some of the term’s news and results are highlighted in the West Midlands Performance Centre’s Newsletter the ‘WMPC Times’. The WMPC Times is written by editor Peter Clegg. One of the coaches and players at the Performance Centre. Talking to the players he takes their information and re-lives it on paper so that other members of the PC can join in their success.

This term sees lots of success for Asmita Chaudhari in the U19 National Championships. Kiara Henry in the Surrey U17 Gold and Sana Sibal on the U13 Bronze circuit. See all the details in this half-term’s WMPC TIMES.

If you have entered your first tournament OR had have your first success at a tournament, your experiences and you views on the competition and it results are items of interest to all. Then why not get them published in the next issue of the WMPC Times.

Contact Peter Clegg on 07449 974861 or PXC486@student.bham.ac.uk

Developing team struck with bad and good luck

luckHard luck strike the Developing team at Inter PC.

The Developing group at the Inter PC in Manchester was the biggest group of the tournament. The WMPC Developing group caught bad luck. Five PC players were selected to attend the tournament on Sunday 2nd July. After last year when we only selected four players and one dropped out on the day, it was hard then. So this year we thought five players to cover any drop outs. Good job we did. One of the strongest please was hit with an injury so luck was looking to be against us. So with four players we set about the task at hand.

The draw did not go our way so we have some strong opposition in our Group. The lads Caleb, Zak, Dileep and Charlie had got several tough matches on the horizon, but they were up for a battle, figures crossed the results could go their way. Unfortunately not to be.

Out of the 4 matches and 20 games played, all the games were hard fought and played well. Only winning two singles and three doubles games does not at all reflect the individual game scores loosing 21-23 and 23-25 with several looses to 17, 18 and 19. There was the odd bleep when the luck was all one sided but the boys played well. It was great to see how they had improved. Although there were no medals/trophies on the day at least one player can hold his head up after being nominated twice by the opposing teams, out of the four matches as Sports Person so well done Charlie.


CLOSER and CLOSER – ONE week left before the Summer Camp starts.

ONEOMG, ONE week to go………….!  Are you ready for Monday 7th August 2017 when the one and only Infamous West Midlands Performance Centre Summer Camp starts. Along with Lorraine Cole, JULIA MANN (GB and England coach) will be supporting Lorraine in the training sessions during the three week schedule. You need to be prepared to work hard as there will be NO prisoners, these sessions will be well SICK……….LOL.

If you are signed up to the camp then consider putting in to practice all that training by entering the SENIOR Bronze (where you can enter ALL three disciplines). AND/OR enter the TEAM TOURNAMENT (4 players per team with a combination of male and female), something different for the Summer……!

Comments from resent Summer Camp participates as they talk to Peter Clegg, Andy WainwrightJoe and Keerti.

All looks and sounds inviting, then don’t waste any time as there is less that one week to the camp………. Then enter yourself into one or both of the tournaments.

TWO – Weeks to GO

YES – ONLY TWO weeks left before the Summer Camp starts.

TWOTime is running out  as August 7th is less that TWO weeks away. The first day of the infamous West Midlands Performance Centre Summer Camp for 2017 is getting closer.

Lots going on in August………..!

Not only is there the three week coaching at the summer camp but there is also the TEAM Tournament on August 19th and then the SENIOR Bronze on August 20th giving you a badminton packed weekend. This weekend is where you can (in some cases) put in to practice all the skills and training that you have picked u from the likes of JULIA MANN. Yes, Julia Mann the coach that trained the GB and England players. Bringing all of her knowledge and a different coaching skills to all three week of the Summer Camp.

Less that two weeks and all this can be yours. Details along with booking forms can be found HERE.

THREE Weeks to go

With less that THREE weeks before the Summer Camp starts.

THREEAugust 7th see the first day of the Infamous West Midlands Performance Centre Summer Camp for 2017.

Full details of the WMPC Summer Camp can me found HERE.

Talking about top notch training Julia Mann, one Badminton England’s GB and England coaches will be leading the camp this year. So your training/coaching will be of the highest quality. Do you really want to miss this?………..NO! 

Some of the players who have booked on to the Camp are also making the most of their visit my entering the Senior Bronze Tournament. Enter the tournament HERE from the Badminton England site. Where you can enter ALL three disciplines (Singles, Doubles and MIXED). Alternatively enter the PC’s TEAM competition. Check out the website for details.
All of the events are being held at the University of Birmingham’s NEW sport and Fitness centre.

With less that three weeks to go you can not afford to waste any time……………….!

Raw Success at recent Inter PC in Manchester

WMPC sees RAW Success with a Silver.

The PC entered two teams into the Inter PC in Manchester. For the last few years the WMPC have entered several teams into the event held over two days for the various Badminton England levels in each Performance centre. The levels being Raw, developing and Emerging.

This year was no exception. The PC sent two teams in this category. Team 1  Dan, Zafer, Rahman, Joe and Sana.Team 2 Abdur, Arush, Vaibhav, Rhea and Reva.

Format was 5 games per match, each game going to 21 plus setting, with the game order being Singles, Doubles, Singles, Doubles,Doubles. Each match would produce a winning team. All of the teams were split into groups. Team 1 in a group of three and Team 2 in a group of 4. Depending on the position achieved in the first round groups, this dictated the on which group each team went through to in the next round and consequently which position each team played for.

Team 1 first round was in a group of three teams, of three groups.. Team 2 was a similar format three groups but consisted of 4 teams..

Let pay begin. Not know what the strength of the opposition it was hard to pick the right team for each match. But saying that the idea was not necessary to win each match.(although it would have been nice), the idea is to give each player match experience. So teams picked giving each player at least one singles game.

Team 2 had some really tough opposition, the first round saw some close game wins 22-20, 21-19 and some close losses, 19-21,21-23, 21-23. They all fought for every point and concentration was key. A couple of the players I have not seen for a few months and was really impressed on their improvement. It was great to see. They got through to the second round to play for positions 4-7. Sadly the opposition were strong so we got 6th place. They did really well.

Team 1 again had some tough opposition, but managed to finish the first round as top of the group.So the second round saw them playing for one of the medal positions so RAW success was almost guaranteed. They had a sit off for the first round and watched Cumbria fall to a strong Potteries team. We played Cumbria next and bat them. So now playing for Gold or Silver the pressure was on, in what was effectively the final. The two singles games did not go as well as hoped, with heavier that expected defeats. They redeemed themselves in the first doubles. With two doubles left to play and the games score at 1-2 down we needed to win both to get gold. 17-21 saw the Potteries take the match 1-3 with the last game still to play. A close with 21-19 left Team 1 with a 2-3 defeat and Silver. Well done all on your RAW success. I hope you all enjoyed the experience.


County Trials

Success at the local Junior County Trails

County TrialsSeveral of the PC member recently attended the Warwickshire (back in April) and Worcestershire (July) County trials and all that participated have been offered a place in the counties. The local County trials, for some can be a little daunting as at first you player against other likely candidates and then invited back to play against existing county members.

County TrialsSo well done to the following players Aditi, Arush, Akash, Nivid, Lucca, Nathan and others (apologies for missing your names off).If you are a member of the PC and feel you would like to trail for County then have a word with your coaches as the sessions you attend and they should be able to point you in the right direction of who to speak to.

The Performance Centre works with both Warwickshire and Worcestershire Schools Badminton Associations to help find suitable players for the counties. With their training at the Performance Centre and their county training the players improve rapidly. If your child is interested in county badminton for any of the local counties the contact Stephanie below or the counties themselves.

Stephanie Cartwright-Randle on 07976 814036 OR stefcr@live.co.uk

Event for your Diary 2016-2017

2016-2017Players……! The 2016-2017 tournament dates are out.

2016-2017 list of West Midlands Performance Centre tournaments are out.The Performance Centre work hard behind the scenes to provide their players with at least one event they they can enter. Competing in these event provides the players with valuable experience where they can gain knowledge and put into practice what they have spent hours being coached. The 2016-2017 calendar has been agreed with Badminton England (their list will be published soon) but the PC have released their dates HERE. Take a look and get them in your dairy as soon as possible so you don’t miss out on valuable experience.

NOTE: that the Age Group changes starting from 1st July 2016 will apply to all of these event (see Age Group changes HERE).

Massive Congratulations

Congratulations to PC players at the Nationals…………..!

Players from the West Midlands Performance Centre receive congratulations as they step up to collect their medals from Nathan Robertson. This weeks Under 15 England Nationals Championships 2016 at Redbridge Leisure Centre saw players from the PC collect silver and gold medals. Well done. Check out the full results HERE.

Kiara Henry (WMPC player) and Abbygael Harris win silver medals in the level doubles. (Photos supplied by Kiara’s dad).

Asmita Chaudari (WMPC player) and her level doubles partner Hope Warner win the gold. (Photos upplied by Asmita’s mom).

Asmita Chaudari (WMPC player) and her mixed doubles partner Harry Huang win the gold. (Photos upplied by Asmita’s mom).

National Medals

Kiara and Abbygael


National Medals

Asmita and Hope

National Medals

Asmita and Harry

Performance Centre win 19 Medals

Medals keep coming to the Performance Centre. This season has seen a grand total (that we know to) to date, of 19 medals.  It is fantastic when you think that some of the players are playing in some tournaments that are the age group above them and they still come back with a medal. Now to ‘name and shame’ thoses medal winners read on.
Medals wonJoe Ball
– Leicestershire U15 Bronze – Bronze medal in Boys Doubles
Elizabeth Hambling
– Leicestershire U15 Silver – Silver medal in Girls Doubles
– Worcestershire U17 Bronze – Silver medal in Girls Singles
– Warwickshire U17 Bronze – Silver medal in Girls Singles, Bronze in Girls Doubles
– WMPC U15 Bronze – Silver in Girls Doubles
Victoria Liang 
– Worcestershire U17 Bronze – Gold medal in Girls Singles
– Warwickshire U17 Bronze – Gold medal in Girls Singles, Silver in Girls Doubles
Selina Liang – Warwickshire U17 Bronze – Bronze medal in Girls doubles
Asmita Chaudhari – Warwickshire U17 Silver – Gold in Mixed, Silver in Singles
Kiara Henry – Leicestershire U15 Silver – Gold in Girls Doubles
Ryan Quek – Milton Keynes U19 Gold – Bronze medal in Boys Doubles and Mixed Doubles
Chris Maneffa
– WMPC U15 Bronze – Bronze in Boys Singles, Silver in Boys Doubles
– Herefordshire U15 Bronze – Bronze in Boys Singles
Matthew Bickerton – WMPC U15 Bronze – Silver in Boys Doubles
Apologies for any names missed off the above list. If you have won a medal and it is not on the list then please send me the details and I will make amends.
19 medals in total!   Absolutely amazing – well done to all the PC players. WE have still got the second half of the season to go, will there be more medals won?
Send details to Stephanie Cartwright-Randle stefcr@live.co.uk