County Trials

Success at the local Junior County Trails

County TrialsSeveral of the PC member recently attended the Warwickshire (back in April) and Worcestershire (July) County trials and all that participated have been offered a place in the counties. The local County trials, for some can be a little daunting as at first you player against other likely candidates and then invited back to play against existing county members.

County TrialsSo well done to the following players Aditi, Arush, Akash, Nivid, Lucca, Nathan and others (apologies for missing your names off).If you are a member of the PC and feel you would like to trail for County then have a word with your coaches as the sessions you attend and they should be able to point you in the right direction of who to speak to.

The Performance Centre works with both Warwickshire and Worcestershire Schools Badminton Associations to help find suitable players for the counties. With their training at the Performance Centre and their county training the players improve rapidly. If your child is interested in county badminton for any of the local counties the contact Stephanie below or the counties themselves.

Stephanie Cartwright-Randle on 07976 814036 OR