Badminton SMASH hit in Birmingham

Summer Camp smash hit will all the players………

Summer Camp Week ONEWeek ONE of the Summer Camp, at the University of Birmingham’s NEW sport and fitness centre, proved to be a SMASH HIT for the West Midlands Performance Centre.

This annual event’s first week, saw in excess of 40 badminton players, aged from as young as three years old to a gentleman in his thirties, participate in the badminton Summer Camp. The first week was run over four days and not only included routines, covering the different shots, lift, drop, net etc…. it covered singles and doubles rotation, technical advice to improve individual techniques, but I think for most the footwork to music was the biggest smash hit with all the players. Footwork to music was held in the impressive dance studio at the Sport and Fitness Centre, even for all passers by to see from Edgbaston Park Road. The two hour session was lead by Julia Mann (England and GB coach) who demonstrated each routine for the players to follow and practice.

There are still two weeks left of the Summer Camp w/c 14th and w/c 21st. Now with only limited places left. If you are quick booking forms can be found HERE

‘Thank you’ from a happy CAMPer………..

24 hours

HOT DOG –  24 HOURS before the Summer Camp starts.

24 hoursAugust 7th is less that 24 hours away. The first day of what is planned to be a fabulous training camp over the Summer.

Three weeks start tomorrow. If you have not booked on and you can not make it tomorrow then book for next week, starting 14th August, or even the week after.

Julia Mann is working with Lorraine Cole (Head Coach at the PC) both X England players, so you tell me how good is it going to be. Awesome springs to mind. SnC, Footwork to music, Nutrition are just tasters….(no punn intended) for the contecnt of the camp.

And to top that it is at the NEW Sport and Fitness Centre at the University of Birmingham. Get there early so you can have a look round the center. Impressive…!


West Midlands Performance Centre Summer Camp for 2017.

TWO – Weeks to GO

YES – ONLY TWO weeks left before the Summer Camp starts.

TWOTime is running out  as August 7th is less that TWO weeks away. The first day of the infamous West Midlands Performance Centre Summer Camp for 2017 is getting closer.

Lots going on in August………..!

Not only is there the three week coaching at the summer camp but there is also the TEAM Tournament on August 19th and then the SENIOR Bronze on August 20th giving you a badminton packed weekend. This weekend is where you can (in some cases) put in to practice all the skills and training that you have picked u from the likes of JULIA MANN. Yes, Julia Mann the coach that trained the GB and England players. Bringing all of her knowledge and a different coaching skills to all three week of the Summer Camp.

Less that two weeks and all this can be yours. Details along with booking forms can be found HERE.

Less than 2 weeks to go……!

Countdown – less than 2 weeks to go……… Limited places left!

Less than 2 weeks before the Summer Camp 2016 starts. Information was released in June about the summer camp for badminton enthusiasts who want to continue their badminton this summer.2 weeks
West Midlands Performance Centre hosts their annual four week programme for badminton players. This year guest coaches include Tracy Dineen and Fontaine Chapman. There sessions are not to be missed so book your places HERE. The four week  programme is looking crammed full of badminton ‘hints and tip’ to help you improve your game. With footwork to music, ‘S and C’ (strength and conditioning) and nutritional information for the more serious players. Plenty of routines, techniques, skills, tactics and games both singles and doubles for all.

Summer 2016 - youtubeSome of last years players made the following comments about the camp.
Andy Wainwright (Emerging sessions four days a week). Joe and Keerti (Potential-Raw sessions two days a week). The event is hosted at the University of Birmingham, Munrow Sports Centre.
ForzaWM are sponsoring the FREE shirts this year. Part of the new 2016-2017 range of products. Deadline for FREE shirts – Friday 29th July 2016

Countdown continues less than 2 weeks to go, complete the booking form HERE.

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