Herts U17B – Zak Malik

Zak Malik – Herts U17B – December 2018

Herts U17B - Zak Malik

Herts U17B – Zak Malik
Two Bronze medals

On the 1st December, I played in the Hert U17B Badminton England tournament. I played quite well, getting out of my box in singles sand doubles, however mixed was a different story. Despite being the THREE/FOUR seed, me and my partner (Emily Goode) failed to convert all of our games, losing to the gold medal winners 21-18.

However, in singles I was seeded NINE/SIXTEEN and comfortably won all my games, 21-15, 21-10, 21-9. I was then through to the round of 16 where I won my game 21-18, but it shouldn’t have been that close as I was 17-11 up. I was then confronted with the number TWO seed (Nithin Santhosh), who I had previously faced and beaten. This time proved à similar result and I came out on top winning 21-17. In the semi-finals I was faced with the THREE/FOUR seed (Arav Swati Abhay) who later went on to win the final 21-15. Unfortunately, I had lost this game 21-19 due to a very severe calf cramp and had to be carried off court. I had to postpone my pending doubles games for about half an hour as I couldn’t walk, but when I finally got round to playing, me and my partner, Sam Cook, had won all of our doubles games in a very tight box, narrowly beating the THREE/FOUR seeds (Jason Arya and Izaak Smith) 21-18 and beating the other two partnerships 21-16, 21-14. We were then in the semi-finals facing the number ONE seeds (Nithin and Prabav Santhosh) who were seeded ONE and TWO in singles. Unfortunately, within the first 11 points, me and my partner were unable to convert many of the points leading to a 21-11 loss. I thoroughly enjoyed this tournament and was pleased with my result.

Results for the Herts U17B can be found HERE.

Toby Beckett – Medals weekend

Medals weekend for young WMPC player Toby Beckett.

Young Toby Beckett had a fabulous medals weekend after participating in two different Under 15 tournaments at the weekend.

Saturday 3.3.2018 – u15 Bronze.
MENS SINGLES – His family ploughed through the snow to the Warwickshire Under 15 Bronze tournament. After getting out of his box and winning in the first round of the knock-out he was through to the semis. He faced his doubles partner Harry Jones. Toby pushed hard winning. Toby lost in the final giving him his first ‘medals weekend’ treasure in the form of a Silver medal.
MENS DOUBLES – Toby played with Harry, to go successfully through two knock-out rounds and saw them in the final. Tough final, but Toby and Harry took the game, giving Toby his second ‘medals weekend’ treasure a Gold medal.

Sunday 4.3.2018 – U15 Bronze Hertfordshire.
MENS SINGLES – Straight through the box, narrowly missing playing his doubles partner. Three knock out rounds to see him through to the final. Winning 21-16, giving Toby this third ‘medals weekend’ trophy with a Gold.
MENS DOUBLES – Toby and Harry got out of their box, only to meet the number one seeds and unfortunately they proved a little to strong for Toby and Harry.

U13 Bronze Tournament March 2018

West Midlands PC host snow threatened Tournament March 2018

Under 13 Bronze tournament March 2018 was heavily threaten by snow building up to the tournament date of 4th. The ‘siberian beast’ nearly caused a casualty. With a heavy entry of around 65 players all under 13. Bad weather was forecast but with players travelling from as far away as Cornwall, Nottinghamshire, Buckinghamshire and Yorkshire, West Midlands PC were reluctant to cancel.

Most folks set of earlier that normal to make the journey there. The a full on day of badminton was seen and all done by the time the centre close at 6.00pm. A couple of ‘Thank you’s go to Richard Jones (Connor’s dad) whos help behind the desk and keeping the score board up to day, massive help. Uma Reddy (Akash’s dad) on suttle control, keeping you guys in order and limiting the knocks. AND of course young Sam White (a PC coach), it was his first tournament behind the desk.

That aside we got through approximately 170 games yesterday without any major problems. An almost close injury, couple of scoring disputes and line call queries, but nothing major. A few tears here and there, but soon forgotten. So a relatively easy day in that respect.

Lucca and Venus – Silver WD

The WMPC saw the following medals for their players.
Lucca Modin – Gold – LS Plate and Silver – LD
Akash Reddy – Bronze – MS Plate
Well done to all the PC’s up and coming stars for participating in the event.




Lucca – Gold WS Plate

FYI – Parents. The Tournament Organisers job can be made so very difficult, IF, you don’t let them know your arrival times OR when you leave the building during a break in your play. We are always willing to help and accommodate IF we know. Communication is the key.

Akash – Bronze MS Plate

Emerging Fight Hard

Inter PC Manchester sees the Emerging team put up a hard Fight.Badminton fight

Manchester 2 July 2017 Inter PC where the West Midlands PC Emerging group have a fight and a half.

The team four of our most dedicated player, Joe B, Matt B, Abdul R and Victoria L. All travel to Manchester some have a longer journey than others with a coach ride leaving home at 4.30am….as I said dedicated.

A quick briefing saw an Emerging group of 6 teams, North Cumbria, Potteries, East Cheshire, Manchester, Merseyside and of course WMPC. So a full on day with some very strong opposition, let the battles commence as the fight is on.

Two games were lost 1-4 but with 22-24, 19-21 as loosing scores, the match defeat does not tell the full story. The of course we won two games with a couple of 22-20s, 21-18s ans several 15’s more close games. The match against Manchester saw the biggest battle with the score at 2 games all it was down to the last end. Nail biting stuff but to no avail, 2-3 to Manchester and the fight was over. All said and done a good days badminton with loads of close calls and great experience.

Along journey home! Well done all.

Developing Team 2 – Manchester Inter PC

Did the Developing Team 1 and/or Team 2 follow in the Raw Teams footstep from yesterday?

As with the Raw yesterday we were hoping that this year the DEV groups would yield success for the WMPC. This year we entered two DEVELOPING teams on Sunday 12th July.

Team 1 – Amy Gravett, Kiara Henry, Selina Liang and Ed Groves.
Team 2 Sam White, Chris Maneffa, Joe Ball and Matt Bickerton.

Same Rules as yesterday players ranked in singles ability (see Raw Teams HERE) etc. The start was scheduled for the same time as Saturday, but with less teams, start of play was a little more laid back. Most of the players being a little older meant the early start was not so much of a shock to the system and players were keen to get on with it.
Team 1 with 4 in the group saw opponents Potteries, Cumbria 1 and Bolton. Match results saw 3-2, 1-4 and 0-5. Team 1 was first up whilst Team 2 spectated and supported big style. It was commented on my other teams how good the support and encouragement from the side line was.The first two games we’re hard fought. Evey point was worked hard for and won. They went in to the last game needing to win to stand a chance. However, one of the team members fell ill and was unable to play. With a team member down it was impossible. We changed the team round and other team members played knowing that their scores would not count but still they played and played well. Doing themselves proud. At the end of the match it was time to go home and they could travel home knowing they had played some great games.
Team 2, their draw saw Cheshire 2 (an all girls team), Bolton 1 and Merseyside. Match results 5-0, 5-0 and 3-2. First up Cheshire, the girls played well and pushed the lads hard. The lads kept their cool, stayed focused and although the girls battled for every point the strength of the boys prevailed for the win. Bolton saw some closer scores with one game going to 23-21, well done Sam and Matt. All on the last game as Merseyside had also won two matches. If we won this one it was though to the play offs. Everything to play for. Joe was up first and wow what a singles game. Two points one way, two points the other way, 20 all. Every point counts Joe was just pipped 23-25 a well played game from both sides long rallies, waiting for the right moment and the right shot to win the point. Chris and Sam up next they stayed focused to win 21-15. Matt up next for the second singles, a whippet springs to mind running from side to side to get each shot back. Worth every step to deservedly take the win at 21-19. Joe and Sam up next a good game but the opponents experience partnership shine through to win 15-21. This left the match at 2 games all. Everything was on the last end. Chris and Matt stepped on to court, everything to play for. The first half saw the lads 6-11 down, but a quick pep talk and they went out all guns blazing. Long rallies with Matt on the floor diving for the shuttle to get it back. What team work and determination fighting for every point to triumph with a fabulous 21-17 win. Team managers shock hands with the comment of ‘that match could have been the final’. Everything that you wanted to see.

Team 2 Deserved Broze

Team 2 Deserved Broze

So through to the play-offs, if nothing else we are guaranteed a Bronze, first up the lads meet Cumbria. Very close games put us 2-1 up. It was all on the doubles we just needed one game. Two very close games, losing both to 19 and 16. Overall 2-3 to Cumbria. Now to redeem ourselves taking on Manchester. Although after two games we were 0-2 down both games lost to 19. So not a lot in it really. I think the early start and long hard matches were starting to take its toll. Lost the next two games but Matt and Chris fought back in the last game to make it 1-4. So Bronze it was, well deserved I thought. Well done lads and thank you for making my job easy. So proud of all of the teams. Both of the Raw teams and both of the Developing teams. Heres to next year.

Raw Team 1 – At the Inter Performance Centre Tournament – Manchester

Could either Team 1 OR Team 2 prove successful?

The Inter-PC in Manchester last year saw some success for West Midlands PC players. We were hoping that this year would yield similar results. This year we entered two RAW teams on Saturday 11th. (See also Sunday 12th Developing Teams HERE).

Team 1, Beth Hambling, Joe Kamara, Liam Heneghan and Rohit Kale.
Team 2, Andrew Jiang, Rhea Sibal, Dileep Dhanda and Daniel Vazey.

Team 1 and Team 2 players had to be ranked in singles ability. Fortunately the Teams were in different Groups and both teams had to play a number of Matches. Games order :- first singles, doubles (not singles players), second singles, doubles with first singles player, last doubles with second singles player. Each player took part in two games per match.
Play was due to commence at 9.15, meaning an early rise, a long drive with players walking throughout the sports hall door still with a bed head on. This needed to be shaken off quickly as the start was prompt.
Team 2 with 4 in the group saw opponents Cumbria 2, Manchester and Colne 2. Match results saw 4-1, 5-0 and 0-5. Although we had two wins the teams where reasonably even in strength, with several game scores of 17 and 19. The last game was totally different. It was visually obvious what we lacked in this game was physically strength, petite players against young adults. Although well fought games the shear size of the opposition mean very little got past them. Sadly it meant mid-afternoon, tracks for home were started for Team 2.

Team 1 medals in hand

Team 1 medals in hand

Team 1 with 5 in the group saw opponents Bolton 2, Cheshire, Manchester and Merseyside. Match results saw 5-0, 3-2, 4-1 and 3-2. Team spirit was good and each player went on court determined to give their all. The score line show this with the last group game need to be won so they they could go through to the play-offs.
The play-offs saw three teams all guaranteed at least a Bronze medal. Two matches left these were expected to be harder games. Having fought hard in the first round the next two games proved a little to much for Team 1. Although mentally up for it, physically the body language was telling a different story. Score lines of 15s, 17s and 19s unfortunately don’t show in the 5-0,5-0 defeats. Presented with their Bronze medals it mean the journey home would be more enjoyable. 

Inter PC Developing and Emerging

Emerging and Developing can they do it?

Day two of the Inter PC Tournament in Manchester saw players from the Developing and Emerging groups take to the courts hoping to leave their mark with our northern competitors.
WMPC Developing group for the Inter PC event, was being represented by Kishen Lee, Samuel White, Kayleigh Beeston-Smith and Selina Liang. SAM_0512There were six teams in our group so 5 gruelling matches lay ahead in a warm Manchester veladrome for relatively new pairing against, what turned out to be some strong opposition. The first Match saw us narrowly loose 2-3 with very close games set the bar for the days battle. Although no match was won by WMPC developing group but with close scores of 17s, 18s, 19s says hard fought battles were had in may of the games. Un-triumphant the Developing team set of home with heavy hearts. The day was a great experience and lessons can be learnt and taken to work on for next year and/or similar events.
The Emerging group for the Inter PC challenge saw Rob Spink, Chris Williams, Sarah Collins and Grace Taylor turn out for an epic first match against a the host Manchester PC. SAM_0523The format or game order was, ladies doubles, mens singles, ladies singles, mens doubles and one mixed. Chris had a gruelling first mens, winning 21-13, 20-22, 26-24. Sarah played ladies singles losing narrowly in the second game 14-21, 21-23. Mixed doubles saw Rob and Grace take their game to 3 and winning 21-16, 19-21, 21-13. Final first match score 3-2 to WMPC. Unknown to us at this stage that was the winning match. Out off the remaining 3 matches saw WMPC play Potteries 1 and 2, opposition that was a little closer to home and better known. Overall some fabulous badminton for those of us on the side line spectating. Triumphant on the day yet Emerging guys walked away with medals and the trophy. On a lighter note each team nominated a player from the opposition for sports person of the match, whose names where put in to a hat and drawn at the end of the competition to win a Babolar racquet. Young Sarah Collins is now the proud owner of one such racquet.SAM_0531
Well done to all the players both Developing and Emerging and thank you parents for your support and the early start.


Inter PC (Performance Centre) Tournament Manchester

Are we up for the challenge?

WMPC first experience of the Inter PC Tournament. Run by Steve White of the Manchester PC. Predominately Northern PC entries. So the new kids on the block WMPC enter for the first time. Saturday began with the RAW group entries, we had one team in the Raw League (stronger players). The team could have been made up of five players (either male or female), so Joe Kamara, Rohit Kale, Nurali Rajbhai and Ibraheem Malik four lads, 13 years or younger were representing West Midlands PC. None of the had ever played together before. So this was a first and the other competitors would be the best from other PC’s (cream de la cream).


PC RAW – Rohit, Joe and Nurali

The four lads held their own, although nerves, age, lack of experience all rearing their heads as they participating in the first couple of matches.
With a single group one 9 teams, each match consisted of 5 games to 15 a full schedule lay ahead, for the novice team.

The first two games were narrowly lost 2-3. After playing three games without a victory, heads in the WMPC camp were drooping a little. As they started back after a short break, a little food and some well deserved water they went out with revived energy to win the next two matches 3-2. Matches 6 and 7 proved a little more difficult and we lost with our heaviest defeat, but close game to 12 and 13 against the strongest opposition heads can be held high. Last match of the Inter PC RAW group, going into the last game with 2 games all (scores 12 or 13s both ways), our closes match yet. All on the last game no pressure but, the early morning start, 7 matches and 14 games showed although a good battle was had, we took another defeat.

A very long, hot, tiring day was had by all. Parents now faced a long drive home (minimum of two hours). But with two wins and three close games the four PC lads can hold their heads high after an tough debut outing together.

Thanks go to the moms and dads for their support and making the long journey.


Tournament details are released for the New Season

Badminton England Tournament details are released for the 2013-2014 Season.

Tournament entries are being taken for the 2013-2014 season. It is recommended that players get their tournament schedule planned. To avoid disappointment tournament entries should be submitted early. West Midlands Performance Centre head coach Lorraine Cole recommends a minimum of three tournaments a year. The Performance Centre is hosting four tournament and with local counties Warwickshire and Worcestershire hosting several similar events your tournament calendars can be easily be achieved.

Badminton England Tournaments


A full Tournament list can be found on the Badminton England website HERE.

School Badminton Tournament

Unipart/Forza School Badminton Tournament

Forza logo

Unipart and FZ Forza have teamed together again this year, to sponsor another local School Badminton Tournament here in Birmingham.  W.M.P.C. (West Midlands Performance Centre) are hosting the School Badminton Tournament for the second year. The event is for school children who like playing badminton. Who have little experience apart from at school and in the back garden. It is an opportunity for children to taste competitive badminton and possibly open the doors to junior county badminton.  The event will be attended by coaches from local counties and performance centre to identify potential talented players.

The winners of each age group will qualify for the NATIONAL school badminton tournament Finals to be held in June 2013.

FOR full details click HERE.