Developing Team 2 – Manchester Inter PC

Did the Developing Team 1 and/or Team 2 follow in the Raw Teams footstep from yesterday?

As with the Raw yesterday we were hoping that this year the DEV groups would yield success for the WMPC. This year we entered two DEVELOPING teams on Sunday 12th July.

Team 1 – Amy Gravett, Kiara Henry, Selina Liang and Ed Groves.
Team 2 Sam White, Chris Maneffa, Joe Ball and Matt Bickerton.

Same Rules as yesterday players ranked in singles ability (see Raw Teams HERE) etc. The start was scheduled for the same time as Saturday, but with less teams, start of play was a little more laid back. Most of the players being a little older meant the early start was not so much of a shock to the system and players were keen to get on with it.
Team 1 with 4 in the group saw opponents Potteries, Cumbria 1 and Bolton. Match results saw 3-2, 1-4 and 0-5. Team 1 was first up whilst Team 2 spectated and supported big style. It was commented on my other teams how good the support and encouragement from the side line was.The first two games we’re hard fought. Evey point was worked hard for and won. They went in to the last game needing to win to stand a chance. However, one of the team members fell ill and was unable to play. With a team member down it was impossible. We changed the team round and other team members played knowing that their scores would not count but still they played and played well. Doing themselves proud. At the end of the match it was time to go home and they could travel home knowing they had played some great games.
Team 2, their draw saw Cheshire 2 (an all girls team), Bolton 1 and Merseyside. Match results 5-0, 5-0 and 3-2. First up Cheshire, the girls played well and pushed the lads hard. The lads kept their cool, stayed focused and although the girls battled for every point the strength of the boys prevailed for the win. Bolton saw some closer scores with one game going to 23-21, well done Sam and Matt. All on the last game as Merseyside had also won two matches. If we won this one it was though to the play offs. Everything to play for. Joe was up first and wow what a singles game. Two points one way, two points the other way, 20 all. Every point counts Joe was just pipped 23-25 a well played game from both sides long rallies, waiting for the right moment and the right shot to win the point. Chris and Sam up next they stayed focused to win 21-15. Matt up next for the second singles, a whippet springs to mind running from side to side to get each shot back. Worth every step to deservedly take the win at 21-19. Joe and Sam up next a good game but the opponents experience partnership shine through to win 15-21. This left the match at 2 games all. Everything was on the last end. Chris and Matt stepped on to court, everything to play for. The first half saw the lads 6-11 down, but a quick pep talk and they went out all guns blazing. Long rallies with Matt on the floor diving for the shuttle to get it back. What team work and determination fighting for every point to triumph with a fabulous 21-17 win. Team managers shock hands with the comment of ‘that match could have been the final’. Everything that you wanted to see.

Team 2 Deserved Broze

Team 2 Deserved Broze

So through to the play-offs, if nothing else we are guaranteed a Bronze, first up the lads meet Cumbria. Very close games put us 2-1 up. It was all on the doubles we just needed one game. Two very close games, losing both to 19 and 16. Overall 2-3 to Cumbria. Now to redeem ourselves taking on Manchester. Although after two games we were 0-2 down both games lost to 19. So not a lot in it really. I think the early start and long hard matches were starting to take its toll. Lost the next two games but Matt and Chris fought back in the last game to make it 1-4. So Bronze it was, well deserved I thought. Well done lads and thank you for making my job easy. So proud of all of the teams. Both of the Raw teams and both of the Developing teams. Heres to next year.

Free Coaching Offer

New session offers FREE coaching….!

In order to promote badminton in Kingswinford the West Midlands Performance Centre are offering 4 weeks FREE. The sessions are at the Crestwood school off Bromley Lane, Kingswinford.Free sessions

These sessions enable boys and girls of all levels and various ages, to experience badminton and try it for 4 weeks free of charge. Places are limited up to Christmas. These FREE sesion will work on a first come first served basis. Are you interested? Is your child interested?

More details regarding the session can be found on the WMPC website HERE.

Voucher for the FREE sessions are available at from Stephanie Cartwright-Randle.
Contact her on  07976 814036 or

After the free sessions places at the Pre-Raw and Raw sessions are accepted on an application basis.

Inter PC (Performance Centre) Tournament Manchester

Are we up for the challenge?

WMPC first experience of the Inter PC Tournament. Run by Steve White of the Manchester PC. Predominately Northern PC entries. So the new kids on the block WMPC enter for the first time. Saturday began with the RAW group entries, we had one team in the Raw League (stronger players). The team could have been made up of five players (either male or female), so Joe Kamara, Rohit Kale, Nurali Rajbhai and Ibraheem Malik four lads, 13 years or younger were representing West Midlands PC. None of the had ever played together before. So this was a first and the other competitors would be the best from other PC’s (cream de la cream).


PC RAW – Rohit, Joe and Nurali

The four lads held their own, although nerves, age, lack of experience all rearing their heads as they participating in the first couple of matches.
With a single group one 9 teams, each match consisted of 5 games to 15 a full schedule lay ahead, for the novice team.

The first two games were narrowly lost 2-3. After playing three games without a victory, heads in the WMPC camp were drooping a little. As they started back after a short break, a little food and some well deserved water they went out with revived energy to win the next two matches 3-2. Matches 6 and 7 proved a little more difficult and we lost with our heaviest defeat, but close game to 12 and 13 against the strongest opposition heads can be held high. Last match of the Inter PC RAW group, going into the last game with 2 games all (scores 12 or 13s both ways), our closes match yet. All on the last game no pressure but, the early morning start, 7 matches and 14 games showed although a good battle was had, we took another defeat.

A very long, hot, tiring day was had by all. Parents now faced a long drive home (minimum of two hours). But with two wins and three close games the four PC lads can hold their heads high after an tough debut outing together.

Thanks go to the moms and dads for their support and making the long journey.


First national badminton league

Britain’s first national badminton league will begin in October with new rules and a new format.

Here in Birmingham, at the University Lorraine Cole Head coach (at both the University and for the West Midlands Performance Centre) has had a great deal to do with the newly formed Birmingham Lions. The team entered in to the National Badminton League. The National Badminton League (NBL) starts in September this year where 6 teams will compete against each other.

National Badminton LeagueBadminton England are introducing a new format for the National Badminton League to make it more exciting. Details are yet to be finalised and released.

Details of the National Badminton League can be found HERE on BBC sports or on the Badminton England site HERE.

Autumn training

WMPC release the Autumn training dates for the half-term.

After the success of the Summer training camps at the University of Birmingham, Head Coach Lorraine Cole and Stephanie Cartwright-Randle, are determined to continue the popular coaching sessions, with Autumn training in the half-term. Details where only released yesterday and the bookings have already been received.Autumn training

Each session is three hours long and will cover a variety of shots, footwork, drills, skills and of course a few games. Full details of dates and booking forms can be found on the website under EVENTS.

Questions can be directed to either Lorraine or Stephanie see CONTACTS.

Don’t miss out! Book your Autumn training at the Performance Centre NOW!

Interested in participating in a little Monday Madness or even in Wacky Wednesdays?

Stephanie Cartwright-Randle the Development Office at the Performance Centre has organised some SUMMER HIOLIDAY BADMINTON FUN.  If your child or children are interested in having FUN over the Summer Holidays then why not send them along to ONE or a FEW of her sessions.  These sessions will be all about BADMINTON FUN.  Stephanie is interested in spreading the badminton word among kids and making sure they have some fun whilst playing the game.

Monday Madness and Wacky Wednesdays are for Children up to 14 who just want to have some fun and play badminton. Interested then check out the details HERE, Email or call 07976814036