72 hours

GETTING EVEN CLOSER –  72 HOURS before the Summer Camp starts.

72 hoursThe suspense is getting to me now. I have to wait the whole weekend before the West Midlands Performance Centre’s Summer Camp starts on  Monday 7th August, 10.00am prompt.

Would be worth arriving a little early so that you can have a wonder around the impressive Sport and Fitness Centre, University of Birmingham. Might inspire you to do a little more fitness……!

Lorraine Cole has written a three week program and is working with the likes of Julia Mann – GB Team and England squad coach, in not only for the Summer camp but to the PC on a permanent basis.

There will be sessions that cover Single, some that cover Doubles and others that cover mixed doubles. Not only the footwork, movement and balance but tactics, positional play and much more.

MORE details can be found HERE along with booking forms for those of us that are a little behind with their booking.

Autumn training

WMPC release the Autumn training dates for the half-term.

After the success of the Summer training camps at the University of Birmingham, Head Coach Lorraine Cole and Stephanie Cartwright-Randle, are determined to continue the popular coaching sessions, with Autumn training in the half-term. Details where only released yesterday and the bookings have already been received.Autumn training

Each session is three hours long and will cover a variety of shots, footwork, drills, skills and of course a few games. Full details of dates and booking forms can be found on the website under EVENTS.

Questions can be directed to either Lorraine or Stephanie see CONTACTS.

Don’t miss out! Book your Autumn training at the Performance Centre NOW!