WMPC Times – Issue 1 December 2017

Read all about it in the WMPC Times first edition – December 2017

WMPC Times – Issue 1

Some of the term’s news and results are highlighted in the first West Midlands Performance Centre’s Newsletter the ‘WMPC Times’. The WMPC Times is written by its editor Peter Clegg. One of the coaches and players at the Performance Centre.

Talking to the players he takes their information and re-lives it on paper so that other members of the PC can join in their success.

Congratulations to all the players features in this first issue of the WMPC Times, on their achievements over the Autumn term.

If you have entered your first tournament OR had have your first success at a tournament, your experiences and you views on the competition and it results are items of interest to all. Then why not get them published in the WMPC Times.

Contact Peter Clegg on 07449 974861 or PXC486@student.bham.ac.uk

Amended Calendar dates for the PC

Dame Elizabeth School has cancelled one of the clubs training nights due to an annual event. All Developing and Emerging group attendees please check out the new amended calendar. NEW Calendar dates HERE.

WMPC apologise for any inconvenience.