Summer Camp 2017

The PC releases details of the long awaited Summer Camp 2017

Summer Camp 2017This years Summer Camp 2017 promised to be the best yet. The main coaching/training sessions are four hours a day, four days a wee,k for three weeks during August. This intense program is put together by the head coach Lorraine Cole and will be assisted by several top class coaches, with equally high credentials. Some sessions will target, singles, doubles and mixed practices along with positional play and  tactics,

The Summer Camp 2017 will also provide other informational items during the week, including fitness programs and nutritional information.

What are you waiting for? Those that attended last year have been chasing for the details and now that they are out places are being booked fast and furiously. If you value your game and want to get the most out of the Summer then follow the link to the Summer Camp 2017 HERE.