U15 Bronze Leicestershire – Sana Sibal

Sana Sibal – U15 Bronze Leicestershire – Saturday 10 November 2018

U15 Bronze LeicestershireSana Sibal won a Gold medal in the U15 Bronze Leicestershire and also a Bronze in the doubles. Here is her take on the event.

I played in the U15 Bronze Leicestershire badminton tournament on the 10th of November. I won my group after playing 3 matches and proceeded on to the semi-finals where I won 22-20 in a close but exiciting match. In the finals, I ended up winning 21-18 in a tight match the whole way through. I got a Gold medal for singles and a bronze medal for doubles. Thanks to all my coaches for their support.

Photo showing Sana proudly sporting her GOLD medal  for the single and of course wearing her WMPC ForzaWM shirt.

WMPC – U17B Sunday 18 November

Tournament NEWS – U17B November 2018

The West Midlands PC ran an U17B tournament on Sunday 18 November 2018. Lots of you players playing up an age group to compete at the Doug Ellis Sports Centre (Birmingham City University in Parry Barr).

The day was late starting due to the centre not opening its doors until 9.00am. Not even the organisers could get it to set up.

Play got under way a little after 9.30 and by 1.00pm in the afternoon games where almost back on track. Some fabulous badminton was played and many close games in the qualifying round ending 20-21. A couple of boxes were 3 way ties, with the goal difference being +1, 0 and -!….so very close. Some seeded players surprisingly knocked out, meant medals were up for grabs and everything to play for.

PC players participating in the event where Jake Evans-Knowles,  Anil, Sivakumar, Dileep Dhanda, Varun Latthe, Arush Bansal, Advait Kuravi and Zak Malik. Other players known to the PC were Isobel Porter, Reva Kamboj and Jacob Olsen.

Tournament was kept on track with the help of Ramesh Singh and Sarah Beckett, both involved with the PC. A big thank you to them.

Results can be found on the Badminton England site. U17B Results.

Photos of the U17B medalists. (More to come).

U17B - Nov 2018 XD Bronze

U17B – Nov 2018 XD Bronze

U17B - Nov 2018 MS Silver

U17B – Nov 2018 MS Silver

U17B - Nov 2018 BD

U17B – Nov 2018 BD Bronze

U17B - Nov 2018 BS

U17B – Nov 2018 BS Bronze

U17B - Nov 2018 WD

U17B – Nov 2018 WD Gold

U17B - Nov 2018 XD

U17B – Nov 2018 XD Silver

U17B - MD Gold Scratch Pair)

U17B – MD Gold Scratch Pair)

U17B - GD Silver

U17B – GD Silver

Toby Beckett won Bronze at the Warwickshire U17 Bronze

Warwickshire U17 Bronze  November 2018 – Toby Beckett

Tony Becket, recently entered the Warwickshire U17 Bronze, a Badminton England tournament on Saturday 3 November 2018. Following in his own words how he won a Bronze in the Mens Singles.

Warwickshire U17BI played very well and managed to get a bronze medal. I got out of my box comfortably with scores such as 21-9 21-10 21-15 and 21-11. Then I got to the quarter final and won comfortably against an opponent I had lost to before 21-13 this was the game I was particularly pleased with. In the Semi-Final I played the number one seed and the overall winner of the tournament. I did lose this game but I played well and never gave up. The end score was 13-21. I really enjoyed this tournament and was pleased with my result, especially as I played a higher aged tournament.

The results can be found HERE.